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Worksite accidents are far too common in the construction industry. OSHA Construction 10-Hour Training is designed to raise awareness of construction safety, health hazards and provide information to recognize and mitigate those hazards.

29 CFR 1926 OSHA Construction Industry Regulations are the enforceable requirements for worker safety and health. The 27 subparts of the regulation cover all areas of the construction industry from excavation to roofing operations and everything in-between. OSHA 10 Hour Training focuses on topics that have the highest impact on worker safety covering both OSHA-mandated as well as elective topics. The goal of the training is to provide workers with the information they need to perform their job safely and be in compliance with OSHA regulations.

Compliance with OSHA standards helps everyone involved:

  • It prevents needless workplace accidents.
  • It helps minimize the number of injury-related employee absences.
  • It keeps workers' compensation and other insurance costs to a minimum.
  • It helps promote higher productivity from employees who feel secure that the company is looking out for their safety and enables them to focus on their work.